Sportsmanship Toolkit


The Sportsmanship Toolkit is provided by the IHSA in conjunction with NFHS.


The Parent Seat is a free interactive video course brought to you by the NFHS that gives parents tips on how to exemplify sportsmanship as fans.


The Parent Seat: This video is designed for coaches and athletic directors to use during their pre-season parent meetings. It explains the role of a parent during game day and provides suggestions on how they can cope with the roller coaster of emotions that they will feel.


The Parent Seat: Beyond the Scoreboard: This video is designed to help parents understand the benefits of participation in Interscholastic Athletics and Activities. They go farther than wins and losses!


The Parent Seat: A Lasting Relationship: This video is designed to help parents create healthy, life-long relationships with their child through their participation in interscholastic athletics and activities.


As a parent, there are many feelings and emotions that you will experience during your student’s participation in interscholastic activities. For students who are motivated to be a part of a team, it can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone. Sitting in The Parent Seat requires thought and discipline. It is NOT an easy seat! Click here for Parent Seat Handouts.


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