Do What's Right!

Benefits of the Do What's Right! Program

  1. The DWR! Program provides an opportunity to recognize students, coaches, student bodies and communities who demonstrate positive sportsmanship.
  2. The DWR! Program serves as a vehicle to reach tomorrow’s leaders and work with them at our division workshops and leadership conference, where they can learn new skills to share with their fellow students at their home schools.
  3. The DWR! Program will enable the IHSA to develop resources for member schools on such topics as appropriate sportsmanship, health & wellness, and confronting hazing that they can use with their student populations.
  4. The DWR! Program promotes Add-A-Tude, the IHSA’s sportsmanship mascot, to our communities across the state.
  5. The DWR! Program is another avenue the IHSA can use to promote the over-all value in interscholastic participation.
  6. The DWR! Program core Expectations provide a consistent message of positive behavior for teams, students and fans throughout Illinois.

DWR! Expectations

Coaches, Players and Fans who follow the DWR! Expectations will represent their school well and create a positive game experience.

  • Represent their school and community favorably through positive interaction with opposing fans and players before, during, and after the competition.
  • Uses positive yells, chants, songs or gestures.
  • Display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat
  • Respect and acknowledge the integrity and judgment of officials.
  • Exhibit positive behavior in both personal interaction and social media comments.

DWR! Forms