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State Tournament

State Finals: Fri.-Sat., Feb. 20-21, 2015

Site: Peoria (Civic Center) | Directions to site
Lodging: Peoria Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
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Apparel & Souvenirs: Minerva


Dramatic/Humorous Duet Acting (DDA/HDA) Terms and Conditions Clarification (Revisions shown in red)

Material: Material must come from a single printed, published source and must meet high standards for good literature. Cuttings from plays, verse plays, teleplays, screenplays, or other works that meet all criteria for the event may be presented. Excluding the introduction, a cutting may include the portrayal of no more than two characters. Material in which an author assigns multiple characters to one actor is acceptable. Combining the lines of two or more characters to create one composite character is prohibited. Adaptations condensing multiple characters and creating/combining dialogue are prohibited. Assigning a line from the text to a given character for the purpose of transition or continuity is not to be considered the creation of a “composite” character. A transition is considered part of the cutting and may not include portrayal of additional characters. Material other than the author’s work must be limited to 15%.

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