Approved Foreign Exchange Programs

No foreign exchange student is eligible with regard to residence unless the sponsoring foreign exchange student program has received approval from the IHSA Board of Directors (Section 3.034.3 of the IHSA By-laws).

The IHSA Board of Directors has determined that only those exchange programs with "full listing" status in the CSIET Advisory List may apply for approval.

The following programs have been approved to date. School administrators are encouraged to review this page periodically for updates to the list.

On file at the IHSA Office as of August 27, 2014

 Approved Until        Name of Program

6/30/2015                    AFS-USA

6/30/2015                    AIFS Foundation - Academic Year in America

6/30/2015                    American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS)

6/30/2015                    American Cultural Exchange Service (ACES)

6/30/2015                    Amicus International Student Exchange

6/30/2015                    Aspect Foundation

6/30/2015                    ASSE/World Heritage International Student Exchange

6/30/2015                    ASSIST

6/30/2015                    AYUSA International

6/30/2015                    CCI Greenheart

6/30/2015                    Council for Educational Travel, USA

6/30/2015                    Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE)

6/30/2015                    Cultural Homestay International (CHI)

6/30/2015                    Educational Resource Development Trust (ERDT/SHARE)

6/30/2015                    EF High School Exchange Year

6/30/2015                    Forte International Exchange Association

6/30/2015                    Global Insights

6/30/2015                    International Cultural Exchange Services (ICES)

6/30/2015                    International Experience (IE)

6/30/2015                    International Fellowship, Inc.

6/30/2015                    International Student Exchange (ISE)

6/30/2015                    Nacel Open Door

6/30/2015                    NorthWest Student Exchange

6/30/2015                    Organization for Cultural Exchange Among Nations (OCEAN)

6/30/2015                    PAX - Program of Academic Exchange

6/30/2015                    Rotary Central States Youth Exchange Program

6/30/2015                    World Link

6/30/2015                    Youth For Understanding USA (YFU USA)