Sports Medicine


In keeping with the intent of the IHSA mission statement, the IHSA Sports Medicine Advisory Committee is committed to offering information and guidance to member schools, their coaching staffs, and their student-athletes on those topics which most immediately impact the welfare of all those involved in interscholastic competition in Illinois.

In order to ensure that, ". . . interscholastic athletics and activities . . .enrich the educational experience," it is paramount that student-athletes train and condition themselves within safe guidelines that will allow them to perform at their highest levels.  Providing coaches and administrators with the practical knowledge necessary to see that athletes realize this level of success shall guide the SMAC in its endeavors.

More links and information on a variety of topics will be able to be found via this Web site.  We hope it assists you in working with your student-athletes.


Heat Acclimatization Brochure Available

Concussion Risk Program

View the IHSA / IPA / BIA presentation (NOTE: Any HS coach who views this presentation will need to log into the IHSA Schools Center in order to access the required concussion exam that a coach must pass to be in compliance with Illinois law. Simply viewing the presentation does NOT make a coach compliant with the law. Any coach who doesn’t have log in instructions to the Schools Center should contact his school’s administration.)